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Most men, when faced with sexual dysfunction, are very quick to reach for nizagara pills in an effort to regain their sexual power. However, there are dozens of alternative remedies that you can use to achieve better erections without resorting to medicines all the time. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to get hard fast without pills, then this article is for you.

In it, we take a look at 5 ways to get better erections, as well as how to stay erect longer without pills. And so, without further ado, let’s get right to it.

1. Use Natural  Remedies

Some of the most common natural remedies for ED are those that are derived from a variety of plants and herbs. These have been used effectively in different cultures for hundreds of years, and there is no doubt as to their ability to produce the desired result.

One of the main advantages of using natural alternatives to harsh pills is that they have a lot fewer side effects if any. The following super-effective remedies are among the many options available for you to choose from if you want to get a hard erection naturally:

  • Gingko: This works great for erectile dysfunction as it increases the flow of blood to the penis and may also increase sexual desire.
  • L-arginine: Evidence suggests that high doses of this herb help to improve erectile dysfunction by opening blood vessels wider, thereby improving the flow of blood to the penis.
  • Ginseng: You’ll find several types of ginseng available on the market, many of which have been shown to possess amazing properties that help to deal with symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

2. Boost Mental Health

Being able to reduce stress in your life will have an immensely positive impact on your sex life. When overly stressed, men can experience sexual performance issues. Stress can come from many different areas, including finances, work, and relationship troubles.

Whatever the case may be for you, it’s vital that you find ways of coping with the issues that are giving you sleepless nights in order to help you get better erections without medication. Whatever type of untamed tension you’re experiencing works in an insidious way in your body by releasing epinephrine, which is adrenaline that shoots straight into your arteries, slowly wreaking havoc in there.

Over the long term, this contributes to the hardening and contraction of your arteries (and this leads to a reduced flow of blood to the penis). This is the last thing you want if you’re trying to overcome impotence or trying to figure out how to get harder erections.

It’s ironic, we know, but getting harder in your arteries will leave you softer in your shorts! Any time you obsess on a stressful thought, you’re increasing epinephrine in your arteries. Find ways of dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, etc. and your ED will improve. As long as you’re not in ‘fight or flight’ mode, you’re in ‘rest and repair’, which means that anything you can do consistently to distract yourself from worrying thoughts – things like yoga, meditation, massage, watching a funny movie, etc. will help you get better erections.

3. Get More Sleep

Odd, but true. Getting more sleep has been shown to help deal with the symptoms of ED. There have been many studies conducted to show how to get stronger erections by getting more sleep. This is because lack of sleep slows down your metabolism and weakens your immune system, both of which can contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction issues.

Sleep deprivation and sleep apnea reduce testosterone levels in your body, which lowers your libido and makes diagnosing ED a lot harder. People lead increasingly busier lifestyles these days, but it’s vital to ensure that you still get your nightly 7-9 hours of sleep. It’s undoubtedly one of the best things that you can do, not just for your overall health, but for your sex life, as well.

It’s pointless trying to figure out how to stay erect for hours if you can’t get enough rest to begin with. Although experts still don’t know why or how they are associated, the link is there, and depriving yourself of sleep won’t help your erection.

4. Limit Porn Consumption

When it comes to discovering how to get a boner without medication, too much porn is a no-no. According to research done at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, regular consumption of porn can cause erectile dysfunction.

The link between ED and porn consumption seems to be more psychological than physical – which means it’s a result of the novelty of porn, as well as its potential for easy escalation, which changes the way men view sexual activity.

This also happens with women as well, but they aren’t affected by ED. Although research is still limited, it’s still a good idea to reduce the amount of time spent watching porn if you want to improve your sexual function.

5. Do More Kegels

For those willing to learn how to get a harder erection and how to get erect faster, Kegels might just be the solution you’re searching for. Kegels are exercises done to strengthen the pelvic floor. These work for both men and women. It has been shown that men who do Kegels every day for at least six months have a stronger floor which contributes to improved sexual function.

Apparently, the muscles responsible for stopping peeing midstream are the same ones that prevent the escape of blood during your erection. So contract and relax the pelvic muscles anytime you’re sitting, and aim for at least 20 contractions daily, holding each for at least 10 seconds.

In Conclusion

If, after trying everything on this list you’re still unable to defy gravity, then it may be time to consult your doctor. But for the vast majority of men affected by weak erections, these five methods have been proven to provide an astounding improvement in their sex lives.

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